Reasons Why You Need To Revamp Your Logo

Your company logo is part of your company’s identity. It is what separates you from your competition. A logo can help your target audience know you better. Whenever or wherever they see your logo, they know that it is your company. Which is why having a logo that burns into the memory is important.


Unfortunately, there are companies who do not share the same view and agree on why a memorable logo is important for their business. If you are having second thoughts about updating your logo, here are some reasons that might change your mind:


  • It doesn’t ring a bell, visually


As mentioned, your company logo is one of the factors that makes your business stand out from the competition. The purpose of having a logo is for your target audience to identify your business, even from a mile away. It is the “face” of your business. Given its significance, the logo must be unique and distinct and memorable. Consumer recognition is the first step to a successful business, and to reach that level of success, your branding should be helping you to achieve that goal. If your logo is not ringing a bell to consumers, then a revamp is definitely in order.


  • Not good to look at in other platforms


As a branding tool, you will be using your logo to promote your company – from digital media to print collaterals. So, it is a must that your company logo will look outstanding in all platforms. Unfortunately, not all logos look excellent across all platforms. There are some that might look okay on digital, but looks a little bit odd and off in print. Check the appearance of your logo in all channels. If you find the design a little bit off in some of the platforms, employ the help of a trusted graphics designer in Abu Dhabi to help you create a logo that would be visually appealing in all platforms.


  • Almost similar to other logos


Brand identify is very important to a business, and being different can make your business stick out from your competitors. However, if your logo is being confused with another trademark, it can be a big problem. Getting confused with other companies can harm your standing in the industry and affect your sales. If you find yourself in a situation wherein you are getting confused with other business, the help of a reputable logo design company in Dubai is in order.

12 months ago