A few of the best home maintenance tips

Are you interested in a few home improvement tips? If yes, then take a few moments to go through the ones mentioned above:


Vinyl doors and windows

In case you have vinyl doors and windows that are not opening properly, then there is a good chance that the channels have gunk accumulated in them. With time, you may find that your doors and windows have become bound. In order to clear this out, you can spray dry spray lubricant on the areas that you are targeting. Once you have sprayed a significant amount of it on the target areas, wipe it off using a rag. Refrain from using oil based lubricants as it may end up catching dirt that will damage the vinyl in the long run, thereby making home maintenance in Dubai tougher for you.



Broken and old chairs

Do you have an old chair around your place that you want to fix? In such a case, the best thing for you to do is to drill a few pilot holes and drive in a few screws through the runs bottom right in to the legs of the chair.


Loose showerheads

If you have a problematic showerhead or a pipe that has gone a bit wobbly, then it is necessary for you to make sure that it is fixed right away. The best means of doing so is that of making use of expanding foam. With the help of the foam, it will be possible for you to encase the pipe and ensure that it isn’t loose or wobbly.


Shutoff valves

If you have a shutoff valve that has gone a bit fault, then it is best for you to get it replaced right away. In case this isn’t an option for you, then it is highly recommended for you to purchase a top-quality replacement washer from a hardware store located nearby. Once you purchase it, remove all the grit that has accumulated on the valve and fit the new washer in to place. This simple step can easily help you resolve the issue.


Cabinet doors

Those who have cabinet doors that do not remain shut at all times should consider getting them fixed right away. The best means of doing so is that of using a magnetic door catch. If the paint has come off, you should consider taking on the services of a painting services in Dubai for it as well.

7 months ago