Email Campaigns for Deals Awareness

It is very usual for European countries toz purchase their lifetime utilities and accessories from virtual markets and online stores but in Asian and Middle East countries where this trend is newly introduced, converting people purchasing habits from physical market places to virtual world is not a very easy task. Though physical markets are traditional places for buying and selling different items, goods and services, online businesses are gradually capturing their place by providing additional facilities and promotional tools in all areas of products selections. Now you can easily access any online store with the help of fast browsers and search engines to buy any travel, retail, or service related items with proper price comparison and quality assurance. There stores also include return and refund policies to maintain sustainable client portfolio and happy customer ship. In Dubai, deals and offers are announced with the help of email campaigns to create awareness and excitement among the online buyers community.

Dubai malls and souks are well quite popular among the locals as well as the tourists who can`t change their buying patterns. Only deals and promotional offers can make influence in their purchasing trends. As per a research in Europe, around 68 percent consumers used online purchasing in 2010 which increased dramatically by rise of 85 percent by the Year 2016. Though this trend is more popular among the youngsters in the age group of 18-26 years, but it is gradually improving to the group of people in their 30s and 40s too. On the other hand, in Asian countries especially in Middle East and Dubai, where physical market places are filled with all luxuries and excitements, virtual stores are making additional efforts to increase their portfolio and website trafficking.

Email campaigning is a very successful tool to promote online businesses by encouraging prospective customers to visit and avail that offer and create craving to explore non-discounted options for better choice. Various websites ask every visitor to subscribe to their website or they may buy email addresses from other web engines or social networking websites where many users are already logged in to start and maintain their email campaigning services.

For designing an email, you need to follow some basic rules and components for better and effective sales generating campaign:

  • An email should start with exiting news and eye catching deal announcement to attract potential and regular website visitors. Offers about new product, updates of sales, new seasonal inventory news, special occasional offers like free shipping, discounts, deals, coupons, free gifts scheme, etc. are the best highlights to start your email.
  • Don’t be aggressive while sending emails to your subscribers. It might bother them or negatively influence them to unsubscribe from the list or make them move your emails into the spam folder. It is ideal to send one or two emails per week to create positive effects on customers’ mind.
  • Colorful and brand-centric deals and offers are more exciting for those users who prefer viewing images over reading. These emails are a bit heavy and take time to open so be careful to control your pictures sizes and quantities.
  • Many websites like jewelry online Dubai; offer additional discounts and coupons allotments on subscription for influencing more viewers to subscribe to your emailing list.


9 months ago