How You Can Customize Your Ride with Window Tints

Well you can say that window tinting is a gift and a curse too. For sure the question must be roaming in your head that how a window tinting is a curse for you? Well, it is quite simple, surely you want your vehicle to look best and you want to enjoy the comfortable environment o your car but there are state laws which never leave you. States laws don’t allow you to tint your car on a greater scale.

Window tinting in Dubai is common but yes they can’t cross the limit which has been sat by the state. If you haven’t installed the window tints neither you are planning to do so then here are some reasons which will convince you regarding installing it ASAP.


When you park the car at the place where there is direct sun rays on your car, it is a sure thing that when you will return back the temperature of your car would be equal to the temperature of your microwave oven. Off-course you feel so irritated and instead of going to the house, you feel like getting out of the car upfront or you want AC to cool down the car real soon. You are not aware of the fact that window tints can save you in this case. The window tinting of the car decreases the heat by 79%. So, if you go for window tinting, you won’t face the same issue when you will park your car at the place where your car comes in the direct contact with sun rays

Ultraviolent rays

You are already aware of the ultraviolent rays that damage your car that damages your skin. Ultraviolent rays can damage you on a greater scale. Many people suffer cancer because of these rays. If you want to protect yourself from ultraviolent rays then it is must to go for the window tinting. The window tinting blocks the ultraviolent rays from entering inside your car. On one side you are saving your health and on the other side you are saving your car.

Your valuables

If you have put the expensive valuables in your car and you have parked your car somewhere then there is a chance that somebody will steal your valuables. To protect your valuables, you need to secure your car. To secure your car go for the window tinting which doesn’t let thief to see what is there in the car. You must have seen vehicle graphics, some people go for it for the purpose of earning money, moreover their vehicle get saved because noting is visible once the advertisement is placed on the vehicle.

7 months ago