Know Your Tyres Up Close

Everybody loves to drive fast but have you ever thought of knowing what helps it go fast? You might name engine, transmission, fuel and even proper maintenance but what about tyres? Want to know how your tyres help your car go fast? Try driving the car with tyres removed. Jokes apart, there is no denying that a quality set of tyres will push your car to the maximum speed. In doing so, it will also help it get better control and grip on the road. Here is how adding a quality brand like Bridgestone tyres can enhance your car’s performance:



Getting Started

Though there is no season to buy Tyres, there is no harm in preparing to buy the best brand for your car. Tyres, much like the engine, are a crucial component of your car. Adding a quality set of tyres will not only make it go fast, it will also provide excellent road grip and balance to your car. Therefore, it makes sense to buy the best brand of tyres of your car.


Much like any component of your car, your tyres also need maintenance from time to time. Factors like environment, rugged use, weather, heat and exposure to ozone can add plenty of wear and tear to your car’s tyres. The only way to protect your car’s tyres from wearing quickly is by giving them proper maintenance. The best maintenance for your car is to wash them properly and frequently. Use a quality soap and soft brush to wash them once or twice a week. Before doing so, clean the dirt deposits with a cloth.

If you do not want to remove the tyres from the wheels, you must also clean the wheels along with tyres. Do it the same way you did with tyres. Once they are cleaned, put them inside a plastic bag. Make sure the bag is airtight so that it could prevent air from reaching your tyre. The idea is to keep the tyre away from any moisture whatsoever. Avoid placing the tyre under sunlight as ultraviolet rays can harm the rubber. It would be better to cover the plastic bag with tape.

Knowing how to keep your tyre in pristine condition is not difficult but it will surely add life to your continental tyres. A well-maintained tyre will last much longer.

2 years ago