Prep Tips You Need To Know Before Going For A Hair Straightening Treatment

A lot of salon clients think that once they get into the salon, the whole process will be handled by the stylist. But clients also have a big part on making any hair treatment a success. With proper preparation, you can be sure that the whole African hair straightening process will be as what you want your hair to look: smooth and easy to manage.

Here are some of the prep hacks that you need to do:

  1. Dry your hair first

There are some clients who like to go to the salon with a wet hair. This can add up to the treatment time as the stylist would have to wait for your hair to dry. The main reason why stylists want it dry is to check your lock’s true condition and checking with a wet hair will not do. They need to see the extent of the damage (if there are any) and determine the amount of treatment solutions to put and lather based on the condition and also know how long the whole process would take. As much as possible, do not shampoo your hair for a couple of days but be sure it looks and smells clean.


  1. Remember previous hair treatment

Another thing that the stylist would probably ask is the kind of hair treatment that you had before your current appointment. When was your last appointment and what treatment had been done. This is important as the stylist would also base the treatment process and solutions on these details.


  1. Detangled your hair before coming to the salon

One of the designer’s pet peeves are tangled hair. Sure, they can detangle it for you but that would add up to the treatment time. Help your stylist and save time by detangling them by yourself. Comb your hair thoroughly before going to the salon.


  1. Bring with you some pegs

Stylist are not seers, and they cannot guest want you want. You may describe them what look you desire but it would be best to bring in some pegs and samples for them to know how exactly you want your hair to look. After the straightening process, your stylist would cut your and style your hair. Guide them properly by giving a few samples.


  1. Schedule a whole day for the treatment

Hair treatment duration varies from client to client. It can take from a couple of hours to a whole day, depending on the client’s requirements. Just to be safe, allot a whole day for this activity.


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9 months ago