Read This Before Buying Facial Recognition and CCTV Cameras

Are you concerned about the security of your business? If so, you should be as different forms of scams and frauds are ramping up with every passing day. But, worrying alone will not help you resolve your concerns. It is about time you should start taking the right step in the right direction. Delaying things further means you will increase the risk of falling into some trap without recognizing it. When we talk about recognition, we still have plenty of confusions about which technologies to use and which ones to avoid.  This is where sophisticated technologies such as facial recognition come into play. Fortunately, you will find a number of reputable facial recognition software companies operating in Dubai which makes finding the right company that much easy. On the hindsight, you might just need to accompany it with a CCTV camera solution as well. Here is more on how both these technologies will address your security concerns efficiently:

How Good Is Face Recognition System?

Time and again you come to think about ways to enhance the security of your premises. While you are at it, you think about investing in buying modern tools to do so. Facial recognition system is perhaps the most cutting edge identification technology today. Interestingly, more and more companies are bringing their facial recognition solutions to the market which each differing from other in a number of ways.

However, all these software do have one thing in common; they all work through proprietary algorithms to identify the person. There is little information available as to how the software actually works but the algorithms allow it to calculate different landmarks on your face. Interestingly, every person has different facial landmarks which make this system extremely versatile. These landmarks are called Nodal features. On average, each human face has approximately 80 nodal points, each of which differs in among all humans. The software identifies and calculates the following for each nodal point:

  • Length of jaw line
  • Cheekbone shape
  • Nose width
  • Distance between both eyes

The software takes each nodal point and utilizes the faceprint through a unique numerical code. Your facial recognition software will work best under ideal lighting conditions.

CCTV Cameras

Though they’ve been used by almost all business in and around Dubai for a while now, newer cameras offer cutting edge features like enhanced resolution, day/ night and bad weather functionality and the ability to work with other security solutions through networking and software.

Naturally, you should look to invest in some of these cutting-edge security solutions to enhance the security of your workplace. Just make sure you find top CCTV companies in Dubai to buy the system.

4 months ago