Setting Up Your Own Private Medical Practice

Aside from working on prestigious medical institutions, aspiring doctors would want to have their own practice or clinic. As place where they can help patients and practice their craft. Having a private clinic is also beneficial to hospitals, as private practice can help on decreasing patient overload on major medical institutions.

But setting up your own practice is no easy feat. There are a lot of factors to consider before opening your medical clinic. For medical practitioners who are keen on opening one, then these steps might be able to help:

  1. Make a business plan


Practicing medicine is one thing but managing a clinic is another story. Some medical practitioners find it hard to establish their own practice since they don’t have a background on operating a business. Venture out of your comfort zone and enroll on a short business course. From there, you can learn to handle a business and make informed decisions when you are running one. You can also get help on formulating your business plan. While studying, you can also think about getting the funding for the business. You might want to invite other doctors or get an investor to make your vision a reality.


  1. Employ the right people

Once the business plan is set and you have the funding, it is time to find your staff.  You can ask the help of headhunters and post job openings on job posting sites. You can also ask referrals from your circle of friends. It is important for you to find the right people for each position. Remember that you are offering a service so having the finest and most reliable staff is a must.


  1. Get the best equipment

A clinic is not a clinic without an equipment on it. Once you finalize the location, you can move to purchasing your medical equipment. Your equipment will define your practice so be sure to get the newest and the latest. If you can, try to have a complete list of equipment and buy them all before your big opening. You can scout through referral or visit website to see the latest medical equipment for your practice. There are medical and ambulance manufacturers in UAE that offers the finest equipment and tools for starting medical practitioners.


  1. Applying for permits

Fly-by-night clinics does not sit well with clients and patients, so it is a must to have your clinic operations legit, especially with the government. While furnishing the place and completing your equipment, have someone to process your business permits. Be sure to have all the necessary papers processed before the big opening so you can avoid any hassles due to unprocessed papers.


  1. Make a soft opening and evaluate

One way to see if your clinic is doing well is by making it open to the public. Do some trial runs and take not of what is working and not. From there, make some improvements and polish the systems and processes before proceeding to a big opening.

4 months ago