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5 Essential Questions to Ask your Cleaning Service Company

Employing the help of a cleaning service company can do wonders for your space. For one, you don’t have to worry about having your staff clean them and you can be sure that the space is scoured professionally and no space it left unclean

But before starting the actual, you might need to ask these questions to your prospective cleaning service company:

  1. How long have they been operating?

Years of experience and longevity is crucial in this kind of business. It would mean that they already handled (and still handling) a number of clients that can vouch for their business.  You might also want to ask their work portfolio and have them discuss their body of work. You should be able to tell from their work experience how well they handle clients.


  1. Are they registered?

Of course, a business that complies with the standards set by the government is a legit business. Companies providing water tank cleaning in Dubai are required to register their business to their municipality and will be subject for checking and approval. You need to ask to them to show you their business permit, and their seal of approval from the government. It wouldn’t also hurt to ask if they are members of credible organizations related their field and business.


  1. What makes them different from other cleaning companies?

This is probably the part where you will hear their sales pitch, but it is important for you to listen. They will discuss their unique selling point. Are they using safe and environment-friendly materials and cleaning agents? Are the staff well-trained and the best on their field? Is their cleaning method effective and safe? From these sales pitch, you will an idea on what they offer and how it can benefit you and your business if you decide to hire their services.


  1. What is the range of their services?

Some cleaning companies committed solely on cleaning spaces, but there are cleaning service providers that includes air duct cleaning in yachts. It good to have a cleaning company that provides a wide-range of services in case you need their help on other things.


  1. How much their packages cost?

The cleaning company’s package should justify the cost and the inclusions. They should be able to itemize the costing so you can clearly see the breakdown of where your money will go. With budget restrictions issues, the company should be able to provide you an adjusted budget or costing.