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An Insight Into Applying For USA And Canadian Visa

Are you gearing up to leave Abu Dhabi and move to some other country? How about moving to the second largest country in the world? After all, you cannot regret moving to a country that has the 10th highest per capita income and ranks 9th in Human Development Index. You’ve guessed it right; the country being discussed here is Canada. Located in North America, Canada is one of the top countries in terms of economy and education. With so many positives, can you really afford not to apply for this country? On the other hand, there is the land of the free, the largest economy in the world, and the sole superpower of the planet – the United States of America. You seem perplexed as to which country to go to. It happens to many people often, the excitement and rejuvenation can get the better of you. But there is more that you should know about applying for a visa to each of these countries. Here is more about the process:

Canadian Visa

If you have a friend or a family member living in Canada, you can ask them to send you a letter of invitation. This way, it will become easier for you to enter Canada. However, there are things that you should know beforehand and act accordingly. For instance, when visiting the Canadian consulate Abu Dhabi, you will be filling a visa application along with other relevant information. You will also be required to submit at least two passport size photos of you and the person willing to move with you. You will also need to submit the copy of salary and tax returns of the person who invited you. A copy of your contact’s passport will also be required.

Moreover, you will also be submitting the copies of passport pages with all previous visas on it. In addition, do accompany the bank statement and evidence of current job in Abu Dhabi if you have any. These and other documents will ensure that your visa application is completed in due time without any delay.

US Visa

As per the recent changes in US visa policy, you need to go through the visa stipulations. In case you are looking to expand your business to the USA, you might need an EB 5 visa. Doing so will require you to at least invest a minimum sum of $1 million. Note the ED 5 is among the fastest visa programs and a great way to get American Green Card. Though other visa programs also exist, none of those can be compared to EB 5 in terms of processing speed.

Contact the US consulate in Abu Dhabi about for more information. Doing so will help you greatly to acquire your visa to USA from Abu Dhabi process.